Support Bonsack PTA by purchasing a $5.00 Kroger Gift Card


The card costs $5.00 to start and the card will have a $5.00 credit on it when you receive it so there is no cost to you for starting this program. You then go to Kroger and add additional money to the card prior to purchasing items and then pay at the register with this card. When participating Bonsack friends and family put a total of $5,000 on their cards, collectively, Bonsack Elementary will receive 5% of the total money.

Example: If 50 Bonsack families purchase and reload their cards with $100 for a total of $5000 in a four week period Bonsack Elementary will receive a check for $250. The account is then reset to zero and we begin working toward the next four weeks. If we do not reach the $5000 in the four week cycle the monies are rolled over to the next four week cycle.

We will be doing a Pre-Sale for these cards Once we place our ordered with Kroger and the cards are received we will deliver them via your child. Please ask neighbors, friends, and other family members if they would like to purchase a card also. Only Kroger Gift Services can link these cards to Bonsack, this cannot be done at the local store.

Please download and  return the form below. Checks can be made out to Bonsack PTA. Cards will be ordered in January and delivered ASAP.