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Whoooo won a cupcake party? :)

The following classrooms won a cupcake party for having the most memberships, plus teacher participation.  We have set the date of cupcake parties for Monday, November 23rd.  3rd and 5th grade had ties:) 

Cupcake Party Winners










Altice & Lunsford (tie)




Hancock & Witcher (tie)

Gingerbread Shop


The Gingerbread Shop is coming soon…

It will be open December 7th – 11th

Bonsack’s in-house holiday shop is fun for students of all ages!

The Gingerbread Shop allows students to have their own shopping experience as they search for holiday gifts! They can purchase items for parents, siblings, friends and family:)

The Gingerbead Shop is run by members of the PTA and volunteers will be on-hand to help your child find gifts and keep track of money. The fun part is seeing just what the child picks out for you:)

All the products are modestly priced, ranging from .25 cents to $10+ allowing children to shop independently and safely within a budget!

Students will be given time to shop at the store during the week of December 7th – 11th. Gifts will be wrapped at the store and sent home with the children the same day.

Shopping Days by Class– TBD

  • Monday, December 7th ~
  • Tuesday, December 8th ~
  • Wednesday, December 9th ~
  • Thursday, December 10th ~
  • Friday, December 11th ~

WINNERS for Walk-A-Thon!!

The individual winners for Walk-A-Thon were…

First Place: Jaden Holmes

Second Place–Tie– Alexis Davis and AJ Davis


The Grade Level that won the PIZZA PARTY was…. 2nd Grade :) 


Thank you to everyone who donated time and money to the Walk-A-Thon the kids had a blast!