Print Box Tops Collection Sheet


While the Bonsack PTA has fundraisers to raise money for projects and programs., alternative funding is an important part in the process.

Collecting “Box Tops for Education”  can bring in hundreds of dollars every year to Bonsack. That money is passed along to teachers, programs and technology at the school.

Each time you see a “Box Top for Education,” clip it off the carton, container or box, and set it aside. Another fun way to collect is to place them on the “Box tops Challenge” collection sheet.

Collection Sheet Links:  Bonsack 2015 Collection Sheet  – Box Top Spring Collection Sheet

Helpful Hints:

1. If  you are not using a collection sheet, please count in groups of 25 or 50 and package in plastic sandwich/snack bags.

2. We do not get credit for expired Box Tops so please check the expiration.

3.  We have two deadlines during the school year for submission, around October and March.