Room Parents

Consider being a room parent for your child’s classroom.

Details on how to sign-up will come home in your child’s first week of school. Each classroom typically has two room parents who work together during the school year.

What is the role of the room parents?

The primary role of a room parents is to provide support and assistance to the teacher.  Each team of room parents should talk with the teacher about how he/she would like to work with and utilize room parents, parent volunteers, and other classroom help.  Then, using that information, the room parent team can develop a plan for the year that directly addresses the teacher’s unique needs and preferences.

As a team, the room parents are responsible for:

  • Facilitating classroom parties (planning, communicating with parents, running the events, cleaning-up)
  • Planning, communicating, and acting on teacher appreciation
  • activities (birthday, teacher appreciation week, end of year gift)
  • Helping to ensure clear, timely communication between the teacher and parents regarding activities, events, and needs in the classroom
  • Assisting with small classroom-related administrative tasks, such
  • coordinating student book orders or helping with special projects
  • Responding to and/or organizing assistance for ad hoc requests (e.g., classroom clean-up days, requests for supplies, family social assistance, special PTA events etc)
  • Please note: Specific responsibilities will vary by teacher.

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