Volunteers must check-in on the computer in the school office.  Follow the procedures for volunteer check-in and then please remember to wear your volunteer sticker.  This helps teachers and staff know who you are and that you have checked in.

Never discuss anything you hear at school about a child’s academic progress or behavior.

Remember that the school is a professional setting and as volunteers we act as role models.  Please dress accordingly.

In case of a fire drill, volunteers will follow their group outside.  If there is not a teacher with you, please follow procedure and exit the building.  For a tornado drill, you are to return the students to their classroom.

Never administer medicine to a student or treat an accident victim.  Immediately report all problems to a teacher or the office.

Please try to be on time.  Very often students are waiting for you, or teacher may have set aside time for you when they would be available to get you started on a project.

The staff and teachers request that you do not bring preschoolers and infants with you when you are directly working with students.  There are some exceptions, so please ask the teacher you are working with.  If you are working on a committee at the school and bring a preschooler to the meeting, you are responsible for his/her supervision and care.  Teachers and staff cannot be responsible for the supervision of children who are not students.  The same applies to children of any age who might stay after school.

If you carry a cell phone or pager please keep them on silent or vibrate while in the school.  They can be distracting to students.

When volunteering for a specific classroom, volunteers will be asked to do their work outside the classroom.  Please use room 111 the Volunteer Room.

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